Brick Wall Symbolism

Internal: A box divided into a brick pattern might suggest an obstacle in your path. Remember it can be scaled with a leg-up or a ladder. Brick walls can suggest a sense of restriction or limitation, or of being figuratively jailed for some imagined or real misdemeanor. There might be unresolved guilt that needs to be addressed.

External: Bricks are everywhere, especially if you have a brick home or are planning to build one. Even if a brick wall is not part of your present environment, you may well have past experiences, even pleasant ones, associated with walls. Sitting on a garden wall, for instance, or throwing a ball against one

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Can doodles be interpreted like handwriting or dreams?

Doodles can certainly reveal something of a person’s mental state, but it should be noted that no graphologist or psychologist would use them as the sole indicator. A single isolated doodle would also have limited value. Looking at a collection of various doodles would offer the most helpful insight, especially when coupled with other information, such as handwriting analysis, dream interpretation and psychological assessment.

It must also be considered whether the inspiration for a doodle is internal or external. Is the artist expressing concern with a current situation or experience (a person causing difficulties, something on TV, or a movie they have seen) or is it a reflection of an internal state (their personality, an emotional state or conflict)?

Do all shapes have meaning?

Some shapes have a meaning that is inherent – the most basic shapes, such as circle, sun, and square might be among these – and sometimes properties, such as aggression, repetition, fluidity or neatness – will naturally carry significance in the interpretation.

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