Study Spanish Abroad an Introduction to Language Immersion

Study Spanish Abroad - an Introduction to Language Immersion Many people opt to study Spanish through the immersion approach, that is, in a country where Spanish is spoken. If you join a Spanish immersion program in a country where Spanish is spoken, you will be able to learn quickly. You can listen to native speakers and practice conversational Spanish on the streets, to ask for directions, greet people, shop, etc.

Language immersion courses involve learning a second language by using it to communicate, rather than by studying it. Learners are asked to avoid using their first language, in the class room, or anywhere else. They are encouraged to use whatever limited skills they have, in the second language. Popular Destinations for Learning Spanish If you want to learn Spanish in Europe, Spain may be the best choice for you.

There are also many other popular destinations like Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile and Argentina. Some towns in Mexico and Argentina also make you feel like you are in Europe. Mexico is one of the more popular destinations in Latin America, for learning Spanish. If you like to visit faraway places, you can consider joining a Spanish course in Colombia, El Salvador or Honduras. Ecuador and Costa Rica are the right destination for you, if you love nature.

Guatemala offers some of the cheapest Spanish courses. If you study Spanish abroad, you will not spend all your time in the classroom so choose a destination which appeals to you. Choosing a Spanish School For those who want to study Spanish abroad, Enforex offers Spanish language courses in 24 destinations in Spain and Latin America. You can join a Spanish course in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, or Peru. Enforex offers general and specialized Spanish courses for university students and adults.

Programs and summer camps are also offered for juniors and teenagers. Lingua Service Worldwide represents private foreign language schools all over the world. If you want to study Spanish abroad, you can choose from the many Spanish immersion schools in Spain and Latin America, which are affiliated to Lingua Service Worldwide. Spanish immersion courses are available in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Uruguay.

If you want to study Spanish abroad, choose a country that you would like to visit. Keep your purpose and budget in mind, while selecting a Spanish language school. Consider practicing with educational technologies or a local school before you go, and be sure to keep up you language skills after you return.

Jim Zorn is web master of the Spanish Learning Guide. Please visit to find out more about learning Spanish through local schools, studying abroad and educational technologies.


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