Josh Groban Modern Classical Sensation

Josh Groban, an extremely popular Classical and Pop singer, has done amazing things with his music, being nominated for various awards and having his album "Josh Groban" go double platinum, which is quite a musical feat. Josh was born in 1981 and although he is only 26, he is already enjoying a very successful musical career. While many people are familiar with the enchanting music performed by Groban, there are many who are not familiar with some of the lesser known facts about this popular singer. Early Debut What many people do not know about Josh Groban is that he actually first debuted many years ago when he was only in the 7th grade.

While he was already showing amazing vocal talent at this time, his grades began to slip and he went back to school full time to get his grades back to straight A's, which he feels helped to enhance his creativity and his entire musical career. Under Foster's Wing Josh Groban has excellent vocal and instrumental talents; however much of his success can be attributed to being taken under the wing of David Foster. Foster has won multiple Grammy Awards and has his own record label, which is called 143 Records. Foster loved Groban's pop sound but also loved the Classic's that Groban loves to sing. Foster produced Josh Groban's very first album, and was very instrumental in helping Groban's musical career take off. Television Appearance In 2001, the creator of Ally McBeal invited Josh Groban to appear on the season finale of the series and even created a character for him to play on the show.

Not only did he appear in the show but he also performed the song, 'You're Still You,' which was a big hit. Groban was such a hit on the show that thousands of fans wrote to the show asking for Groban to appear again, so he appeared again in the next season's finale and performed the song, 'To Where You Are.' Worldwide Appearances Not only has Josh Groban become popular in the United States, but he has been able to perform and gain popularity around the world. In 2002, Groban sang at the Winter Olympics and performed the duet, 'The Prayer,' with Charlotte Church. Later he performed in Oslo, Norway at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, singing both 'The Prayer' and 'To Where You Are.

' That Christmas, he was in Venice, Italy and he performed at the Vatican with other musicians including Sting, The Corrs, and Lionel Richie. To this point, the young singer, Josh Groban, has enjoyed an exciting and successful career in music, and his latest releases show that his career is far from over. Groban just released his third album in November of 2006 and he is now planning a world tour for the year 2007. With his excellent voice and the amazing choice of music, we are sure to hear more from this brilliant musician.

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