How the Music Industry Works

Many people go into the music industry head first and heels up. They have no idea who to buddy up with, or what to do to get their name out there. Think about your career. Your biggest dream is probably to go to a recording studio and make your CD.

However, who is going to buy it? Is it really professional enough to sell? How will anyone know who you are when they see your CD? You have to get exposure. In truth, there is no promise in this industry. You just have to hope that you are heard by the right person. However, how are you going to be heard? Are you organized enough to impress those who hear? If you want to be in the music world, then you have to get a basic idea of how the industry works.

Before we go on, I would also suggest that you begin to read the many fine books on the music business. The more you know the more you will be prepared when success comes knocking at your door. Many people believe that when they go to a local recording studio and create their record, they are ready to become famous. We all wish it were that simple, but it's not. In truth, no matter how good your demo sounds, its never good enough until it has a professional label on it. This is where many people fall in the industry.

How do you get a record company to sponsor you? It all starts with your demo. The local recording studio is the first step to success. Once you have recorded your music to the utmost professional quality, you may send it in to various record companies. What can you hope to achieve by doing this? Obviously you want a record deal, but do you really know what a record deal is? If a record company likes your music they will offer to give you time in their studio.

They will do one of two things when they do this. If you show promise, and they believe that you have what it takes, they will loan you the money for the studio time. When you make money off of your record, you must pay them back with interest. Or they will offer you time in their studio that you may pay for yourself.

Not just anybody can record in their studio so if you get the offer consider yourself lucky. Advertising, Who Pays? Once this has been completed, they will advertise your record through radio time, television, posters etc. This is important because most radio stations refuse to play any material that has not been solicited by a record company with good status. However, this service isn't free. You must pay the record company back with interest for this as well. So where does the money come in? Your first album is going to mainly be about getting exposed.

You won't make much money off of this project, but it will give buyers a reason to purchase your later records. This is how you make your money. The biggest thing to remember is that if this were easy, every one would do it.

If every one were noticed artists, there would be no money in the industry. Thus the reason many worthy musicians never get publicity. Just persevere, don't give up, and you won't have the burden of never obtaining your chance to fame and success.

The music business, it is a fascinating world and if you learn all you can you will be ready.

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