Business Opportunities in Homeschooling

Home schooling is the oldest form of tutoring or educating a child. In fact, the Holy Bible states that fathers are the most natural and appropriate teachers for their children. Home schooling a child means educating your child at home, instead of a public or private school. Home schooling does not mean that the childs standard of education will suffer. In fact the term Home schooling refers to instruction at home, under the supervision of a correspondence school and with a United States Department of Education recognized curriculum, in case the child lives in the U.

S. Considering the popularity of Home schooling, people have started assessing the numerous business opportunities in this field. There are a number of golden business opportunities in Home schooling, starting with that of a home tutor to a provider of home schooling resources. The home tutoring business is a very good business opportunity for those who have a passion for teaching, but are not willing to go beyond their local community for a job. It is an equally good opportunity for those who want to start a consultancy service that matches tutors and students, within a community. If you love to teach, but is not willing to go beyond the local community to search for teaching options, home tutoring can be a very lucrative home-based business for you.

A successful home tutor must be an expert in a particular subject or subjects and should be well versed with the home schooling curriculum selected by the parents. A formal training or certification is not needed; however, you should be able to relate effectively to the child as well as his parents. It is a zero percent investment and a hundred percent returns business opportunity. The other business opportunity is to set up a consultancy or a unit that matches the tutors with home-schooling students. For this business, you dont need to have teaching ability at all, but you do need to possess marketing skills and must know how to reach out to home schooling parents and their kids.

You can split the tutoring rates with the tutors. For a more satisfied feedback from customers and a thriving home business, you can try a pre-screening all tutors and clients. This would enable you to make the client and tutor comfortable with each other and satisfy both sides. Finally, another very good business possibility is to provide home schooling resources, mainly selling of old curriculum and the prescribed books. Home schooling resources are very expensive to purchase and parents and tutors keep looking for people who are selling old home schooling resources at cheaper prices.

This can be a very good way for parents to earn, those whose children have finished home schooling. It is a good opportunity for consultants too, since they can again act as agents and help people with resources to identify those who need them. A home school resource need not be limited to just the books and the curriculum; you can also create instructional software that can be used as a guide to teach parents about proper home schooling. Then there are other resources available for very small kids, like craft or drawing projects or special educational projects for physically challenged children, which are very popular with many home schooling parents.

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