Drawing and Sketching

Drawing and sketching takes skill. Learn how to draw and sketch like never before with our drawing and sketching tips.

Improving your sketching skills

As a designer the most important thing is to get your ideas on to paper as quickly as possible. Sketching is therefore a very important skill to master. There are a few things which will help you sketch better.

Draw using your shoulder rather than your wrist. To sketch quickly learn to sketch from your shoulder. Most people learn to sketch on small pieces of paper, usually no bigger than A4, sketching small images. Because the images are small, people tend to learn how to sketch from the wrist. Drawing a long line tends to consist of lots of small movements from your wrist, as you move your arm along. If you look carefully at these lines they consist of lots of small arches.

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SmartDraw is the quick and easy design software for drawing great-looking special event floor plans and more even if you have no drawing skill at all!

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Before starting your engineering drawing you should plan how you are going to make best use of the space. It is important to think about the number of views your drawing will have and how much space you will use of the paper.

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Symbolism of doodles: lineweight and mark making - interpreting the meaning of doodle drawings and symbols in drawing - psychoanalysis of drawings importance of marks scribbles and style.

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Well I finally finished that painting! Hooray! I think I'm really a bit fed up with watercolor at the moment. Its time for a change. I think the next major piece I do will be in colored pencil.

Its just so versatile. I might even use it in combination with watercolor - I've got a lovely set of Faber-castell Watercolor Pencils that are my favorite.

If you're just starting out with colored pencil, you might like to check out some colored Pencil Books.

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